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How Should I Prepare for Flooring Installation?

We recommend ensuring the area that you plan to have flooring installed is clear from obstructions such as furniture and any movable objects. If you plan to have flooring installed before other items such as kitchen cabinets, and you’d like it to go under or around the cabinets, it’s best to communicate this with our designers during the measurement and estimating stage so we can ensure we’ve quoted you for the proper amount of flooring you will need.

Does Flooring Need Underlayment?

It actually all depends on the type of flooring you’re looking to install. Many of our brands, such as the LVP and LVT styles have underlayment already added to the flooring. Underlayment is used to be a sound barrier and/or moisture barrier control under your flooring to protect it from damage. This is necessary for flooring such as hardwoods to ensure the longevity of your floors and prevent any sort of condensation from occurring and damaging the wood if laid over concrete or other temperature fluctuating sub-flooring.

What Carpeting Options Do You Have in Store?

We actually have 3 tiers of carpeting options that are all Mohawk brand, and each has its own value set:

  • Our nylon carpet options are built for high performance. They have a strong durability from wear and tear and are very stain resistant. This carpet is great for those who are looking for a competitively priced option that is going to stand the test of time.
  • Our polyester carpet options are perfect for those who enjoy soft to the touch fabrics, have youngsters in the crawling phase of life, or simply enjoy a more luxurious feel while still being on a budget.
  • Our premium carpet option is called SmartStrand, this is a product that we carry because it combines the best of both worlds for our polyester and nylon carpets! The SmartStrand technology allows the touch and feel of a luxurious product, but also the incredible stain and wear resistance of a more durable carpet without matting down or appearing worn over time. The best part (we think) about SmartStrand is that you don’t even need a shampooing based product to clean it. If you ever need to clean a stain, simply use hot water. This product also comes with a general stain lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

What Sort of Carpet Pad Do You Use?

We typically use an eight pound ½ inch thick carpet pad for all our carpet installations. Did you know that the quality of the pad actually impacts a person’s overall perception regarding if a carpet appears to be high-end? That’s because a good carpet pad gives your body the cushion support it needs to feel relaxed and at home in the space you’ve created. Thinking through the type of carpet pad you want is a big piece of ensuring your carpeting feels the way you were hoping it would when installed. We also offer a few other pad options that can be ordered to your preference.

Do You Have Any Basement Specific Carpet?

Basement carpet is a big concern for many homeowners across the northland due to the age of a home, having poorly treated basement windows that have an occasional issue during a big storm, or even city drainage backup concerns when heavy rains come through. We’re happy to offer carpet options built with these concerns in mind. Our Mohawk product, called Air.o, is a water resistant carpet that has a pad built into the bottom of the carpet itself that doesn’t need to be stretched when being installed. This is good news because it means if your basement ever encounters a water concern, the carpet can be pulled out, set aside to dry, and reinstalled in the same space after the crisis has been averted.

How Do You Price Your Carpet?

Each of our carpets are priced per square yard with padding included, and also includes the cost of installation, unless otherwise specified. We use third party installers that come with glowing recommendations. Each carpet project has its own set of considerations such as if carpet will be installed over stairs, the tier of carpet selected, etc. Therefore, we typically recommend sitting down with one of our specialists to review what you’re looking to accomplish in order to give you an accurate quote.

How Can I Get a Carpet Quote?

If you know your project’s dimensions, you can stop in or give us a call regarding the carpet choice you’ve been considering, and we’d be happy to provide you with a project estimate. If you’d like us to come out and measure your space, our design team also can help you schedule an appointment to make this happen!

Can I Order Carpet For My Rental Property or Commercial Space?

As a matter of fact, yes! We have a variety of light commercial to residential carpet options available and work with many local commercial businesses and landlords for carpet installation. We can also order carpet tiles and indoor / outdoor carpet options as well.